Friday, November 7, 2014

No. 105 Antique Navy Blue Chest of Drawers


Sorry for the truly horrid phone pic, but here's the before.  When I bought this I thought it would be a hard one to paint because of the condition, but upon closer inspection, it was a rough original finish. I think it had sat in the sun, so the finish was crackled and "alligator-ed". 

Here it is all finished!  This is my very favorite color I have used yet, Restless Sea by Behr.  It's not quite as dark as navy, and has a little hint of green.  It is just a rich, dark, beautiful blue. This is two coats of homemade chalk paint (the textured finish is still there - it really isn't a bad thing, it just shows the age of the piece). 

The whole thing was finished with MMS Hemp Oil, the top got two coats to seal and protect a bit more. 

Oh how I love these knobs.  They are original (except for the very top two which came with it, but don't quite match).  They are sparkly, old, and have brass bases.

There are working locks on all the drawers except the tiniest ones.  And this key is also just so great.

I left the mirror frame wood to go with the top of the chest.  (Please ignore the "keeping-it-real" reflection there).  The mirror itself is in really great condition, and the edges are beveled which adds a bit more sparkle to the mirror.

The matching glass knob mirror screws are my very favorite thing about this piece. 

Check out these claw feet - aren't they fabulous?!?!  And the wooden casters are pretty great too. These are the most detailed claw feet I've ever done.

This is one of those pieces I felt privileged to work on!  Roots & Wings Etsy Shop

Blessings for a great weekend!


  1. Whoa- the dresser turned out beautifully and that little key is delicious! This is my favorite furniture redo from MMS this week. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much, this is one of my favorite pieces!!

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  4. Absolutely precious! Beautiful blue finish. I love this so much, I featured it as a Friday Favorite today.

    I hope you stop by to see how I bragged about it.

    Have a wonderful creative weekend~